Ability to inspire and motivate

About us

The team at MALASH LTD are knowledgeable and highly experienced in the delivery and coaching of superior business development expertise and implementation. We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire and motivate teams to ensure the future success and growth of a business.

Extensively travelled with exceptional linguistic and cultural experiences, the proficiency and expertise that MALASH LTD brings to the table is of the highest level. The consistency in our quality of our work is via continuous self-development, coupled with having a conscientious nature and approach to business.



We have extensive experience in working with national and local charities and waste management companies, helping these organisations to streamline their operations and optimise their outputs and revenue streams.

Our experience also delves heavily into the textile industry and the various business models associated within that sector. However, our true passion and speciality lies in supporting start-ups and new businesses that are in their infancy in order ensure their strength, growth and future profitability and success.



At MALASH LTD we pride ourselves on our ability to problem solve, provide proactive (not reactive) solutions and support our clients with an exponential vision and strategy.

If you are looking for a viable, rewarding and effective solution to your business growth needs then we look forward to hearing from you.

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