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MALASH LTD provide support and solutions to your business growth needs. Our team is knowledgeable and highly experienced in the delivery and coaching of superior business development expertise and implementation. We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire and motivate teams to ensure the future success and growth of a business.

For Business Owners

We provide support for management in how you can develop and grow your business.

At MALASH LTD, our expert team provide support for company founders and management teams in how you can streamline, develop and grow your business.

We work with businesses to improve their performance, solve problems and encourage growth.

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For Investors

We provide hands-on guidance to prepare businesses for external investment in their company.

Our team are equipped to assist businesses and investors in preparation for, and in seeking the acquisition of, external investment in their company.

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How we support Businesses

Funding Support

Find and prepare for external investment.

Expansion Services

Receive support in expanding your capabilities and revenue streams.

Market Testing and Research

The tools you need to make the right business decisions.

Financial Planning

Stay on-top of economics and make smart financial decisions.

Driving Sustainability

Implement sustainable business models and practices.

Start-Up Support and Strategy

Hands on guidance to help navigate your business success.

Finding Efficiencies

Streamline your processes and identify key issues.

Exit Opportunities

Formalise your exit strategy and maximise your options.

We specialise in…


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